Zinargin® siroop

The ultimate zinc formulation in a completely natural syrup

Zinargin siroop


Packing: Bottle with 200 ml syrup, measuring spoon and leaflet

Daily dose:
For adults: 10 ml/day or see leaflet (NL/FR)
For children: see leaflet (NL/FR)

CNK: 3644-044 (B) | EAN: 5430000149488 (EU)

Notification no.: NUT/PL/AS 788/23

  • USE

Zinargin siroop contains the same active ingredients as Zinargin: two well absorbable sorts of zinc, enriched with cofactors like L-arginine, MSM, SOD, Chlorphyl, with which zinc collaborates in the normal functioning of the body, but additionally completed with merely natural substances to a handy and tasteful sirop.

Product in clean label: free of synthetic coloring and auxiliary materials.
Color differences are normal and do not affect the functioning of the product.

Active ingredients (per 10 ml):
Chlorella pyrenoidosa 500 mg
Fucus vesiculosus (Bladder wrack) 500 mg
L-arginine HCl 300 mg*
M.S.M. (OPTIMSM) (Methylsulfonylmethane) 100 mg
Zinc gluconate 75.60 mg (= 10 mg Zn)*
Zinc monomethionine 50 mg (= 10 mg Zn)*
Cucumis melo (Muskmelon) (Superoxide dismutase) 6 mg (= 420 IU SOD)

Non-active ingredients:
Aqua (water), Molasses (filler), Honey (sweetener), Natural black currant flavor (flavoring), thyme oil (preserving agent).

*% of daily reference intakes per daily intake of 10 ml: Arginine (300 mg) 100% *, Zinc (20 mg) 200% *.

  • Shake well before use, in order that the ingredients at the bottom of the bottle are equally mixed back into the sirop. A light granular aspect of the sirop is absolutely normal. Zinargin siroop namely contains merely natural ingredients.
  • Intake of Zinargin siroop: favorably before or during the meal. Preferably do not combine with bread or soy meal (or take Zinargin at least one half hour before). The absorption of zinc could be hindered in case of intake together with food containing phytin (like graines and soy).


  • Active substances are identical to Zinargin tablets, but with addition of natural substances to a tasteful syrup.
  • Also suited for vegetarians, for women during the pregnancy and breastfeeding period, and for children.
  • Zinargin siroop is completely free from synthetic colorants or preserving agents. The bottle used for Zinargin siroop does not contain BPA’s (with certificate guarantee).
  • With handy measuring spoon in the box for 2.5 ml and 5 ml
  • With leaflet in box with i.a. appropriate doses for zinc intake/age
  • CONSERVATION: once opened, still preservable for 6 months provided that it is conserved cool (in refrigerator).

Precaution in case of concomitant use of antibiotics:

  • Quinolone antibiotics: zinc supplementation can reduce the quantity of quinolone antibiotics that is absorbed by the body. Intake of Zinargin siroop therefore 1 hour after intake of quinolone antibiotics.
  • Tetracycline antibiotics: zinc can bind to tetracyclines in the stomach. This reduces the quantity of tetracyclines that can be absorbed. Intake of Zinargin siroop therefore 2 hours before or 4 hours after tetracyclines-intake.

Precaution in case of concomitant use of Cisplatin and Penicillamine: consult your doctor.


Because of the European and Belgian legislation concerning the correct communication of dietary supplements, only information free from claims can be given about dietary supplements (in conformity with the claim legislation).

The status of a dietary supplement is namely legally limited to helping a healthy person staying healthy.
Every other use of natural substances is only allowed to be communicated from a strictly scientific and non commercial angle.

Therefore, the information of this Nutriphyt product is limited to the above, both for consumers and medical professionals.




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